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Tranquility Base – Understated Kitchen by Doug Durbin

In this kitchen remodel by Doug Durbin,
the materials and color scheme ensure
everything is in balance and nothing
steals the scene. Read Full Article

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Eye for Detail – Finely detailed kitchen by nuHaus from Kitchen Trends volume 2707

There are several ways to connect an open-plan kitchen to its surroundings. A visual link between disparate spaces can be achieved by something as understated as repetition
of fine detailing.
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Return to splendor from Home & Remodeling Trends volume 2509

“We were aware of Adler’s work and reputation – in fact we were living in another of his houses, also a coach house, which we had remodeled. When we found this property we were immediately struck by the character and spaces, but thought that they weren’t used to their best.” Read Full Article

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Sense of calm from Kitchen Trends volume 2505

Clean, simple details that allow the essence of natural materials to shine through can provide a counterpoint to our busy lives. That’s the view of Doug Durbin, chief executive officer and director of design of nuHaus. Read Full Article


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