“We realize that people are living and building memories in the spaces we design, which is why we aim to create environments that result in personal and emotional connections.”

Doug DurbinDirector of Design

Company History


The name nuHaus is derived from Bauhaus, the world-famous historic school of design. The Bauhaus approach celebrates the harmony between function and art. Simply put, good design can be beautiful as well as functional.

In 1988, nuHaus was founded to celebrate this harmony. For over 30 years, Doug and John Durbin, the brothers behind nuHaus, have leveraged their rich history as cabinetmakers to create unparalleled kitchens and environments for their clients. With a dedication to their craft as the foundation, nuHaus creates spaces that are not only beautiful and functional, but uniquely personal in every way.

The Durbin Brothers

Brothers, John and Doug Durbin have been imagining, designing and building fine cabinetry, millwork and furniture since they began their careers as master cabinetmaker’s apprentices in the late seventies. In 1983, John and Doug started Exclusive Woodworking, a fine cabinetry and millwork manufacturing company. Five years later, they founded nuHaus, located in downtown Chicago. As family owned-and-operated companies, nuHaus and Exclusive Woodworking embody the Durbin’s shared vision and respect for their industry.

Doug Durbin

Doug leads the nuHaus design team and oversees the constant evolution of its downtown Chicago showroom. He is the recipient of numerous design awards and most recently was honored with a lifetime achievement award by Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove (SWC) Appliance Corporation for his extensive body of work and wins as a participant in their prestigious international Kitchen Design Contest. nuHaus’ work is widely featured in many regional and national publications.


As a result of his contest history, Doug has been collaborating with SWC on showroom development and design around the country. This work can be seen in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, Atlanta, Miami’s Design District, Costa Mesa, CA and most recently “The Loft”, at Abt Electronics in Glenview, Illinois. On the design boards are showrooms in Manhattan and Roslyn Heights, NY.

Other notable collaborations include Restoration Hardware (RH), where nuHaus designs and builds RH’s café and wine vault concepts for their next-generation Design Galleries. This collaboration can be seen in the West Palm Beach, Toronto and Nashville Galleries, as well as the historic buildings of Chicago’s 3 Arts Club, NYC’s Meatpacking District and Yountville’s famous Ma(i)sonary Building in Napa Valley.

Just recently, Doug and his team were commissioned by The Galley, a Tulsa-based company specializing in innovative kitchen products, to design, engineer and produce their award-winning culinary furniture line, The Dresser.

Doug is actively involved in Lambs Farm, a non-profit organization located in Libertyville Illinois. Lambs Farm is dedicated to improving the lives of developmentally disabled adults. Doug serves as a chairperson for their annual golf outing. He and his wife, Judy, enjoy biking, snowshoeing, traveling and spending time with their grandchildren.

John Durbin

John’s love of woodworking began in high school wood shop class, where he nurtured his passion throughout his teenage years. Following graduation, John was very fortunate to apprentice under a true master cabinetmaker where he honed his craft as an artisan and developed his appreciation for quality.


In 1983, John and his brother Doug founded Exclusive Woodworking(EW), with the goal of building cabinetry, millwork and fine furniture of uncompromising quality.

John’s mastery of cabinetmaking, combined with his understanding of industry-leading technology, allows him to execute some of the most complex and prestigious cabinetry projects across the country. Working alongside Doug, John’s invaluable experience and engineering expertise help bring to life nuHaus’ most intricate designs.

John, an avid Grateful Dead fan, resides in north suburban Chicago with his wife Cheryl where they enjoy golf, live music, and spending time with their grandchildren. John is also involved in Lambs Farm in Libertyville, Illinois, an organization renowned for its commitment to help people with developmental disabilities lead productive, happy lives and connecting with the human spirit in us all.


Commitment to Empowerment

Lambs Farm is an extraordinary non-profit organization that empowers a special community of developmentally disabled adults to live life to the fullest.


Our brother Tom Durbin has a developmental disability. He is a full-time resident at Lambs Farm and works at their on-site Magnolia Café and Bakery. Tom is also a nine-sport athlete, participating on every team sponsored by Lambs Farm, and has been their Special Olympics Athlete of the Year twice.

State funding is minimal, and Lambs Farm depends on the generosity of individuals and corporate support to maintain their programs and services. nuHaus is proud to support Lambs Farm. If you have any questions about Lambs Farm or would like to become involved in supporting the organization in any way, including participating in the annual Lamb Farms Golf Outing, please go to www.lambsfarm.org or contact Doug Durbin or John Durbin at nuHaus.

Visit Lambs Farm


Throughout our careers, we’ve had the opportunity to join forces with some of the most distinguished designers, architects and tradespeople in our industry. These incredible experiences have provided the opportunity to push boundaries, challenge our limits and make us stronger. The pleasure has been ours and we thank them for their kind words.

I repeatedly look forward to the privilege of joining forces with Doug Durbin (a.k.a. The Wizard) and his talented team at nuHaus. They thrive on each client’s happiness and developing the most successful solution when challenges arise. We’ve collaborated on numerous projects and their creativity, attention to detail, and quality of work always exceeds expectations.

- Laurie Demetrio

Laurie Demetrio Interior

At the Galley, we have had the privilege of working with Doug and his team for a number of years. He is the designer of one of our primary product lines, the award-winning Galley Dresser, and he designed the amazing showrooms at our new Headquarters facility. From my perspective, Doug's passion for intentional, thoughtful, beautiful and functional designed is unmatched. The amount of thought, creativity and care that Doug and the nuHaus team put into their designs is both unusual and impressive. When you experience one of Doug's designs first hand, you feel the attention to detail, you feel the quality, and you know that you are experiencing something very, very special. Simply put, he and the nuHaus team are just outstanding.

- R. Scott Anderson

The Galley

nuHaus and I have worked together for over 20 years.  Our collaboration is based on their magnificent attention to functional designs, unique style, and precise engineering.  Doug Durbin and his team possess that special capability to capture the needs of the owner and create the ideal, beautiful cabinetry that will satisfy the hand, the mind and the eye for generations.

- Stephanie Wohlner

Stephanie Wohlner Design LLC

For the past 19 years I have been running distribution companies for Sub-Zero / Wolf.    A key element to success in our business is to maintain the highest brand image possible.   Part of our strategy in achieving this has been the development of our product showrooms.   Over the years, I have worked closely with Doug Durbin and his team at nuHaus in the layout and detailed design of these showrooms.   My experience with Doug has been nothing short of incredible.  Doug’s millwork experience, wonderful creativity and impeccable attention to the details, work together to elevate our brand image beyond expectations.  A key element in this process is the ability to deliver and install these projects in a professional and timely manner.  The staff at nuHaus is by far the most proficient crew I have ever worked with, making the entire design, delivery and installation process seamless.  If you’re looking for a truly turnkey process for your project, Doug and his team at nuHaus are your answer.   They simply accept no excuses and always deliver the results.

- John Bergquist

Sub-Zero Wolf

Quality, Performance, Fit and Finish, these three things define our company brands.  Doug Durbin and his team at nuHaus share these same values while providing vision, creativity and true craftsmanship in their cabinetry and designs.  I have challenged Doug many times with design and product integration in our Midwest showrooms, and he always finds a way to make it happen.  If you want a team that will instill confidence, bring fresh ideas that will inspire, and create a kitchen that is timeless; nuHaus always comes through.

- Dan Heyn

Sub-Zero Wolf

I’ve worked with lots of creative partners over the last 25 years but Doug Durbin is one of the most compassionate, sincere teammates a designer could ask for.  A wonderful designer and friend!

- Frank Ponterio

Frank Ponterio

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